Goat Milk Powder with Manuka Honey

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Available only in New Zealand

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A gentle and trusted formulation contains key ingredients of whole goat milk powder, manuka honey and inulin to support your health. Goat milk has long been used around the world for its high nutritional source of calcium and protein and easily digestible. Manuka honey is made from the nectar of the native manuka plant, which gives a distinctive and delicious flavour and known for the benefits of digestive health. We also add inulin, a soluble dietary fibre, to aid bowel movements. This special formulation provides a great tasting milk drink to support your digestive and immune system and a healthy alternative to cow milk. Enzergen® Goat Whole Milk Powder with Manuka Honey is an excellent choice to your family's nutritious diet. 

  • High in calcium and protein
  • Beneficial for digestive health
  • Aid bowel movements
  • A healthy alternative to cow milk
  • Naturally lower in cholesterol
  • Blood pressure friendly
  • A good source of key vitamins and Essential Minerals (vitamin B5, vitamin A, biotin, Prebiotic, Phosphorus, iodine , potassium, chloride)

100% New Zealand Whole Goat Milk Powder, Manuka Honey UMF10+, Inulin, Maltodextrin.

  • Cooled boiled water: 250 mL
  • Level scoops of powder: 4
  • Feeds per day: 1-2
  • 1 scoop = 10 g (approx)
Measure 4 level scoops powder into 250 mL of cooled boiled water. For best results, mix powder with a small portion of water into a smooth paste, then add remaining water, mixing to combine.

  • Store in a cool dry place. Keep the lid tightly closed after opening.
  • Use within three weeks after opening.
  • Once mixed with water refrigerate below 4℃ and consume within 24 hours.

Pack Size:
Net Weight 400g / can

Expiry Date: 18/11/2021

Made in New Zealand

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