Royal Jelly 600mg with 10-HDA 12mg

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Enzergen® Royal Jelly is a highly nutritious food made for Queen Bees which accounts for their incredible size and longevity.

For centuries the Chinese herbalists have used Royal Jelly to prevent the signs of normal ageing or even premature senility.

Royal Jelly is known as one of nature’s richest supplements, which may stimulate the adrenal glands to produce a positive reaction of increased metabolism enhanced energy and boosting overall immunity.

  • Enhances immune system
  • Contains a variety of nutrients
  • Balances your diet
  • Aid Wound healing and skin repair

Royal Jelly Powder 202 mg ( Equivalent to Fresh Royal Jelly 600 mg, Equivalent to 10 HDA 12 mg), Contains Vitamin E as an antioxidant & encapsulation aids
Manufactured in New Zealand from select local and imported ingredients

Adults take 1-3 capsules daily or as recommended by a health professional. 

  • Store in a cool dry place below 30°C away from direct sunlight.
  • Due to oxidation, Royal Jelly capsules may change colour. This change is entirely normal and will not affect the quality of the product before its expiry date.
Pack Size:
  • 120 capsules / bottle
  • 3 bottles / pack

Expiry Date: 01/2022, 01/2023

Product of New Zealand

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