WoolMax 100% Premium ALL SEASON WOOL DUVET

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WoolMax ®100% Premium New Zealand Wool All Season Duvet.The wool fibre used in the Blissfil All Seasons Wool duvet absorbs moisture from the cool, damp air, trapping a layer of dry air next to the skin and effectively insulating your body. During warmer nights the wool absorbs perspiration, drawing it away from the skin, leaving you feeling cool and dry.

Wool All Season Duvet is suitable for any seasons. This duvet contains 2 inners. Putting them together combines the perfect warmth needed for winter.

  • 200 gsm is suitable for warmer summer months,
  • 300 gsm is perfect during seasons of spring & autumn.


  • Non-allergenic and Chemical Free 

100% All Season Wool Duvet

Care Instruction:
Gentle Machine Wash in Low Temperature, Do Not bleach or tumble dry. Use Bleach-free detergent. Natural drying, avoid sun exposure. This product will not tolerate long sun exposure.

  • King Size (220 cm x 240 cm)
  • Queen Size (210 cm x 210 cm)
  • Double Size (180 cm x 210 cm) - Sold Out

Made in New Zealand

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