New Zealand is a country famous for its unpolluted and incredible breath taking sceneries worldwide, this vast beautiful landscape with natural resources are surely more abundant and purer than the most other countries in the world. New Zealanders are commonly referred to as "Kiwis", derived from a native symbolic bird of this country, which represents the humbleness and down to earth characteristic of our culture and people.

Established since 1996, KiwiCorp Products Ltd is a company carrying the unique factor of the original "Kiwi" ingenuity that devotes in providing the best quality New Zealand manufactured products in skincare, health supplements, confectionery and wool beddings, offering but the best of this world "inside-out"!With over 15 years of history, we have successfully established a solid relationship with the reputable manufacturers here in New Zealand and gained a strong brand image that reflects the true colour of this country. Dedicated to take sincere appreciation of what nature has to offer, we innovate our products through constant research and collaboration with our contracted manufacturer chemists. Our manufacturing facilitates the latest technology with the highest quality control standard. All our products and raw materials are manufactured under stringent regulations, tests and certifications. Our health care products are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified by New Zealand health and food ministry.Our storage warehouse ensures stocks at levels that our clients never short falls. We have a professional logistic control and management to fulfill everyday orders with speed and accuracy.

As proudly manufactured in New Zealand, our products are now being sold worldwide. We are opening for business partnership with global players (importers, wholesalers or technologists), who can facilitate the uniqueness of our products to develop the market in their local region. We are dedicated to build strong product portfolio and brand, offering our business partners a competitive edge in the market with "very marketable products at right price".

We are company based in Ashburton, South Island New Zealand.